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hey ma, check out my dope bubble on a desk drawing 

wow good for you cristof we’ll put it on the fridge

ight ma

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Get that ring out of the way I can&#8217;t read anything

Get that ring out of the way I can’t read anything

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Is it possible to completely block somebody on Tumblr LOL


Best time

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“All the hardest, coldest people you meet,
were once as soft as water.
And that’s the tragedy of living.”
— Iain S. Thomas (via poetisch)

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Don't you feel sad about the South Korean ferry that sunk?



yeah it’s a tragedy that such a large amount of young people died, especially in a situation where a lot more could have survived.

but see here’s the thing, just because this is what the media is paying attention to doesn’t mean this is the only tragedy that’s happening.

let’s say that there was absolutely next to no media coverage about the sunken ferry, would you feel sad about it? no, you wouldn’t even know it happened.

so yes i do feel sad about it but it’s incredibly fucking biased that we should only care so much about deaths from developed countries.

i feel sad about the ferry incident but not any more than i feel sad about the bombing at abuja, deaths over fucking limes in mexico, deaths from the widespread famine in africa and southeast asia, drug and poverty induced deaths in east europe, or any other ‘unjust’ bullshit that’s sweeping the earth daily.

so don’t just #prayforsouthkorea, pray for fricking humanity you biased fucks.

What are you fucking going on about? Who are you addressing in your shitty little rant? 

triller-park, if you’re gonna get mad, get mad at the media, the news networks. Not at an anon, and not at this vague, undefined demographic you seem to be addressing when you say “you biased fucks.”

The media industry (as a whole) is the grand purveyor of information; they are the ones who control public perception, the people who “only focus on stories of deaths from developed countries." They are one of the many reasons that people don’t know more about global current events. If anybody is to blame, it’s the "mass media" and the topics they choose to cover. But even that is irrelevant right now, because that’s not what you’re talking about, are you?

You seem to be making a different argument: that the anon is a biased fuck because he cares about South Korea (which you seem to believe means that he does not care about the rest of the world). If that is not what you were implying, then ignore the rest of this post, dismiss me as some asshole on the internet, and simply learn how to phrase shit less misleadingly. But if that was what you were implying (and be honest to yourself), then read on and learn a fucking thing.

If I’m trying to learn Spanish, am I a biased fuck for not simultaneously learning French, Urdu, Gaelic, and Russian? No. If I want to learn all the languages of the world, I do it one language at a time. 

If I’m praying for South Korea, am I a biased fuck for not simultaneously praying for France, Pakistan, Ireland, and Russia? No.If i want to pray for “fricking humanity,” I do it one nation, one event, one group of people at a time. Otherwise my prayers would be just a lot of diffuse, unfocused noise. Kind of like your rant.

People ARE praying for the world, and right now, for just a few days, South Korea is the focus of our prayers. But you can’t expect every person to know the suffering of every other person. The world is simply too big. I don’t know much about what’s going on overseas. I admit my ignorance in that regard, and I’d like to keep learning more. But am I a biased fuck? I don’t know much about poverty in Guam, so that automatically makes me a gun-toting patriot that bleeds red white and blue? Does caring about South Korea necessitate that I don’t care about everybody else? If I pray for my sister’s health because she’s sick, am I a biased fuck for not also praying about all the sick people in the entire world? Are you getting the fucking pattern here?

There’s a term for people like you: SJW. Social Justice Warrior. Look it up, it’s an actual term. There are forums out there dedicated to making fun of you guys. You speak as if you’re this beacon of moral direction, a crusader for understanding, out to banish all ignorance from the world. But if I were to extrapolate from that shitty little rant you wrote, I’d think you’re just as misguided and uninformed as the people you criticize. Your argument is specious. You classily resorted to ad hominem and you set up a straw man argument. 

I might be wrong about you. I don’t think I am. 

"Pray for fricking humanity you biased fucks." Do you realize how pretentious that sounds? 

Human suffering is not a fucking competition. Being informed about all the different kinds of human suffering is not a fucking competition. And an uninformed person should not be shamed and ridiculed (as you have done to that anon), they should be taught. You want people to stop being “biased fucks?” Inform them. Don’t be a self-righteous twat.

People heard about the tragedy with the ferry, so we prayed for them. We heard about victims in the Boston bombings, so we prayed for them. We heard about suicide bombings in the Middle East, we prayed for them. We’re not sitting on our silk chaise lounges, maniacally stroking our curlicue mustaches while drinking smoothies made of blended hundred dollar bills, selectively choosing out which kind of suffering to empathize with. 

We heard about people hurting, we were hurt too, and we want the hurting to stop. That’s it. That’s the whole story. Should we stop other kinds of hurt? Yes. Absolutely. But don’t shame a person for caring.

“People run from rain but
in bathtubs full of

Charles Bukowski (via bittersweetsongs)

Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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coolestpriest I doubt you meant anything serious by your comment, just a passing caption added before you reblogged, but I’d like to say something because I happen to like Bukowski. (And just in case you, like so many others, were thinking it: no, that says nothing about me other than the fact that I like the stuff Bukowski writes).

I believe that things can only mean something if we allow them to. Metaphors, relationships, picnics, trips to the beach. It’s easy for an intelligent person to ridicule something, to nitpick at its flaws and subvert it in a witty way. But in doing so, you risk robbing yourself - or at least - all of your listeners of the opportunity to experience…something.

You may be keen to label this quote as trite and uninspired, but consider another of Bukowski’s quotes: “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” I doubt Bukowski considered this “rain/bathtub poem” a masterpiece, but it demonstrates his attitude about art and communication - something that I, and possibly you, agree with.

It is a simple poem. It took no technical skill and he probably did not labor over it. But he is also not selling posters stamped with this poem, he is not publicizing it or spamming your email with it. It is a humble poem (or whatever you wish to call it), meant to be accessible, meant to be interpreted individually. Perhaps on a rainy day with a mug of something warm to sip. So, next time, for the sake of your followers, please. Despite his garish and overhyped reputation, Bukowski’s words have made many of my days a bit easier, a bit less lonely, and I wouldn’t want a few hasty comments to rob somebody else of that.

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